Wagner’s Rose Nursery™ is one of the largest and longest running rose nurseries in Australia.

All of our lovely patio roses - 60cm/2ft standards - in one collection...

The Patio Rose is our suggestion for a compacted garden, a terrace, a porch or a driveway.

As space becomes a premium in higher density living our thoughts turn to plants that can “fit” the living arrangements on offer to a lot of us. Patio roses are one option to fill that smaller space with something colourful, attractive and perfumed.

But what is a patio rose?

At Wagner’s Rose Nursery our Patio roses are the 60cm/2ft stem roses, available as bare rooted in wintertime, and potted in spring and summer. 

Patio roses can be in pots for places where room is restricted but can also be planted in-ground, and create colourful layers if planted right behind bush roses, or any other kind of flowery bushes. They require similar care as a normal rose although take care to ensure potted patio roses are watered enough.