Wagner’s Rose Nursery is one of the largest and longest running rose nurseries in Australia.

Blue Sunday - 20% off for 24 Hours

Sunday 29 November we will be offering 20% off all our roses for 24 hours. Potted rose orders can be delivered immediately. Bare root rose orders will be delivered from July 2021. Take advantage of this massive discount and save!


Wagner's Rose Nursery is one of the largest and longest-running rose nurseries in Australia.

Located in Kalangadoo on a 50 ha property in the lower South-East of South Australia, Wagner's is the agent for the main rose breeders in the world and it grows over 800 different varieties for wholesale and retail markets.

At Wagner's Rose Nursery we take great care to ensure we only sell top quality plants; each plant sold is carefully selected in a grading process done by Brian Wagner himself so that he too is satisfied that the plant meets his high expectations.

Wagner's Rose Nursery is Australian owned and operated.

Pre-order now bare rooted roses that will be delivered in 2021 Winter Season - Pay 2020 prices until December 31

Bare root prices will be the same up to the end of 2020, to increase on 1st January 2021. New Releases will be introduced in January.

Come and see our roses!

Monday to Thursday, 9am - 2.30pm

Fridays, 9am - 12.30pm

Every 2nd Sunday of the month, 10am - 3pm, from November to April

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