Wagner’s Rose Nursery is one of the largest and longest running rose nurseries in Australia.

Wagner's Rose Nursery is one of the largest and longest-running rose nurseries in Australia.

Wagner's is located in Kalangadoo on a 50 ha property in the lower South-East of South Australia and is the agent for the main rose breeders in the world. The nursery grows approximately 800 different varieties for wholesale and retail markets. At Wagner's Rose Nursery we take great care to ensure we only sell top quality plants, each plant sold is carefully selected in a grading process done by Brian Wagner himself so that he too is satisfied that the plant meets his high expectations. Wagner's Rose Nursery is Australian owned and operated.

Our digging season is now under way and we are ready to receive your bare root orders.

Bare Root Roses will be ready in winter time only, and they'll be delivered between July and September 2020.

Important Information Regarding Your Orders:

Wagner's Rose Nursery is currently  running at capacity to process retail orders, this year we have been inundated with lots of early orders. We began taking orders for bare root roses back in January and we’re now processing orders from earliest to latest. 

The Covid-19 situation has slowed a lot of things down and unfortunately distribution is one of them.

So, please don't worry, we are hoping that you can be patient and understand we are working almost 24/7 to fulfil your orders.

Also, if your order contains standard roses then it will be closer to the end of July as Brian dug them last to ensure the best root growth.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need to.

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Our Favourites This Week

  • Harmonize Clg

    Harmonize Clg

    Climber (bare rooted) Wagner's Rose Nursery $21.40
  • Espresso™


    Bush (bare rooted) Wagner's Rose Nursery $21.40
  • Gold Bunny

    Gold Bunny

    Bush (bare rooted) Wagner's Rose Nursery $15.60